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Our Services

Our goal is to monetize every opportunity during a sale process or customer interaction to drive additional revenues for you. Through our services we can optimize the revenue gained from each and every customer. Our team is experienced in constructing strategies that will maximize revenue from even those customers looking to cancel their use of your business services.

  • Outbound Sales and Marketing

    Global Media Rewards specializes in outbound call center services for the consumer and business markets. We offer the latest in technology, as well as sales account reps trained in our "ask questions" based sales communication system customized for each client. Global Media Rewards gives you exceptional quantifiable results that also build a foundation for future sales

  • Inbound Sales and Marketing

    Our inbound call center provides you with quality; experienced professionals and current technology for customer service, tech support, and order taking that pay attention to detail; are personable and provide professional service to your customers, and care in protecting your brand name.

  • Prospect Research

    Most sales organization have a database of prospects that they have developed over time. Keeping that list up to date and current can be one of the biggest challenges to growing your sales pipeline. Whether you need a one-time clense or an ongoing maintenance program, we can validate and update your prospect database so that you don't spin your wheels trying to market to the wrong contacts at the wrong companies.

  • Lead Generation

    In today's environment, it has become more challenging to uncover new sales leads. At Global Media Rewards, we have the experience and proven sales lead generation techniques to jumpstart your marketing and sales pipeline to provide sales-ready leads in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

About Us

Global Media Rewards specializes in high quality marketing, sales, and customer support services that we offered with at a great value by experienced professionals with a track record of success. We provide support services both directly to marketing companies, e-commerce clients, direct response firms as well as to advertising agencies and marketing consultants for their clients. With many years of success and good relationships with clients both large and small, Global Media Rewards is the best choice for your business partner when you have marketing and customer support needs.